You need not PINE for *am anymore

‘Pull The Rabbit Ears’ is in stores today! If you jump the gun and order online TODAY we’ll throw in a promotional DVD. David Segal of Seattle’s ‘The Stranger’ notes that the new record ‘indulges in slightly moody, mildly sweet dream pop ‘ la Lush and balances it with pumping, upbeat dance trifles,’ while John Sewell of ‘Metro Pulse’ says, ‘If you like your electropop flavored with intelligence and fun, PINE*am might just be the ticket.’ We say you should listen for yourself.

Or you can see PINE*am perform one last time tonight at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California. Check the shows page for more information.

Lookout! for Troubled Hubble on the road beginning in June
Keep an eye out for these crusaders of damn near swell indie-rock at a venue near you. Troubled Hubble will be on the road throughout June and July to spread the good word of their Eenie Meenie/Lookout! co-release, ‘Making Beds In A Burning House.’ If you haven’t heard the band yet, for pete’s sake, get a good look and listen of the band with this e-card.

Eenie Meenie will also be releasing ‘Making Beds In A Burning House’ on red vinyl soon. Red’the color of apples, danger, sports cars, financial trouble and love. If you think the cd sounds good, wait ’til you spin this thing on your hi-fi. Get outta town.

E-eenie Meenie world wide
Seriously, you can’t Google yourself more than 10 kilobytes before you run into Eenie Meenie and your favorite Eenie Meenie bands. What’s the online latest? Word has it there’s a new track on From Bubblegum To Sky’s myspace. You can make a workout mixed-tape to suit your own ‘rhymba,’ or personal workout pace, using Oranger songs, courtesy of Michelob Ultra’no joke. You can always check-in on the rants and raves of our workday at Eenie Meenie’s blogspot. And if you’re on a bender that’s reaching into the wee hours of the morning and are dying for some Seksu Roba, or the new PINE*am, iTunes would be more than happy to accommodate you. Broadband recommended.

Case in point: Seksu Roba is world wide in Tokyo
This duo has no trouble dancing around the globe. Seksu Roba will be celebrating Memorial Day weekend with three shows in Tokyo, Japan. Sure beats BBQ-ing, you say? Probably, but it might not quite beat Tri-BQ-ing.

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