Troubled Hubble joins the Wrens, Maximo Park for summer tour

Troubled Hubble is currently on the road to support the new Eenie Meenie/Lookout! co-release, ‘Making Beds In A Burning House.’ In a last minute change of events, the band has decided to join up with Newcastle, England’s Maximo Park for a good dose of tour stops. There are also someWrens dates mixed in for great measure. Check out the revised tour schedule.

Unless you’re allergic to food, water, air, or just about anything vital, chances are you’re going to love these live shows. If you’re a fan of hyperactivity, flopping about to propulsive rock’n’roll, or indulging in the demon alcohol, you could be in danger of having too much fun’absolutely do not see this band live!

‘Making Beds In A Burning House’ will be available on sizzling red vinyl soon!

A little primer on the other Hubble
Fired into space on April 24, 1990, aboard the space shuttle Discovery, the Hubble Telescope is mankind’s eagle eye into the farthest reaches of outer space. The Hubble, which is roughly the size of an Eenie Meenie tour bus, orbits the Earth at 17,500 mph–that’s one orbit every 97 minutes. Hubble’s primary mirror is 94.5 inches in diameter and would make a fine addition to any walnut Edwardian vanity. In it’s 15 years of service, the Hubble has photographed never-seen-before distant galaxies and nebulae as well as extraordinary shots of our very-own neighbors in this here solar system.

For more images and information than you can possibly handle on the Hubble, check out the official website. Fascinating pictures’seriously they are.

For more images and information than you can possibly handle on Troubled Hubble, check out the official band website. No less fascinating.

You love ‘Pull the Rabbit Ears.’ You really do.
Fans and critics have nary a bad word to say about PINE*am’s latest release since it hit stores on Tuesday, May 31. The band is compared to what ‘Kraftwerk would sound like if they were transformed into three cute Japanese girls who made 8-bit Nintendo influenced retro-click-pop gems of pure, undiluted bliss’ (Isotope). John Foyston of The Oregonian posits that PINE*am’s ‘music has that Japanese-pop effect of being a funhouse mirror reflecting influences as diverse as American R&B, video games and the Japanese animation known as anime.’ Well said, John.

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased ‘Pull The Rabbit Ears,’ hit up your local retailer, purchase it online or iTune it.

Up, up and AW*ay
After a more than three weeks in the States, PINE*am heads back home for a breather. Chiz, Tsugumi and Taeca will be nursing war wounds in their respective hometowns of Vancouver, Tokyo and Osaka. The ne’er seen darker side of the national tour includes brutally blistered fingers from record signings, hoarse throats, and general malnourishment due to a lack of suitable rations to be found along I-10 in west Texas. These three electro-starlets will be enjoying a dose of well-earned rest.

The good news is: PINE*am is tentatively scheduled to return to the East and West coasts in August. Whatever your summer travel plans may be, make sure they include a stop along the PINE*am tour route.

Irving and friends plan a Troubadour reprise June 16
Apparently the Troubadour didn’t get enough the first time around a few weeks back. Neither did Irving. Everyone’s favorite pop-rock quintet will be joined by ex-folk imploders alaska!, retro-popsters Green and Yellow TV, and just-added special guests, soundscapists Joseph Karam (the Locust) and David Scott (Unwound, Melvins, Slug) at the Troubadour on June 16. The doors open at 8pm with fun to follow soon thereafter.

Have a splendid week!

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