Fire red, baby blue, ice white, sage green—the many splendours of Eenie Meenie vinyl!

Yes, the rainbow of Eenie Meenie vinyl selections may read like a color palette in a new car brochure, but just you wait ‘til you get one of these slabs of wax rotating. For the old skool aficionado, nothing bumps, grinds, crunches and buzzes like good old-fashioned vinyl. Like an old pair of loafers. Your goto T-shirt. The perfect burrito. Try on the new smoking red Trouble Hubble “Making Beds in a Burning House” LP or the sage green Bedroom Walls “Do the Buildings and Cops Make You Smile” 7” for size. You might never go back to crisp digital again.

What is Romanticore? It’s something you etch in the bedroom walls.
Romanticore is the self-imposed genre that frames Bedroom Walls music. Indications of romanticore, in the band’s own words, include “staring at the ceiling; sighing too loudly and too often; minimalist posturing undercut by epic gestures; existentialism (ages 17-22); driving around in circles; dandyism (ages 27-33); the “Oh no, love – you’re not alone!” part of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”; trying to cry/not to cry,” and more. A thick mustache and a strong dose of machismo are decidedly not romanticore, but in the right context, a hand-cut “Mom” tattoo on a sailor’s arm fits it to a tee.

Blue-Eyed Son warms up an overheated LA en route to Japan
Drew will be channeling his cool ocean blue for Angeleno audiences desperate in the throes of a mid-summer heat wave. You can catch him first on July 28 at the Hard Rock Café at Universal City Walk, and grab a reprise at the Derby on August 3 for the International Pop Overthrow. But the real story is in Japan.

This August, you’ll find Blue-Eyed Son in Japan for two dates at Summersonic Tokyo and Osaka. Drew will be playing on the fittingly named “Beach Stage” alongside the likes of Oasis, Kasabian, Bloc Party, The Arcade Fire, The Roots, M.I.A., and Nine Inch Nails. Japanese music fans have been going crazy for Drew’s California sound—the Japanese release of “West of Lincoln” release on Sideout Records, which includes two import only tracks, “I Work For Steve” and “Sunburn,” has received nothing but the highest praise from critics in the land of the rising sun.

Dimension Mix is still one month away, yet the people are chattering
The word is sneaking out about Dimension Mix. Kind talk is coming from every reputable side—, Pitchfork, Filter, Rolling Stone, even VH-1. If you’ve actually managed to avoid the buzz, here’s what all the talking bees are chattering about: Dimension Mix is a wild collection of Dimension 5 songs, originally recorded by electronic auteurs Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson, covered by today’s most inventive artists. Proceeds from album sales will benefit autism charities such as Cure Autism Now. Song titles include the futurist “Music 4 Robots,” sugar-toothed “Jelly Dance” and the unknowingly patriotic “American Eagle.” And the artist roster is out of this world.Check it out!

Dimension Mix will hit the streets, stores and cyberspace on August 23, 2005.

PINE*am lands in August, Oranger is sometime soon to follow
PINE*am touches back down in America in August—and this time around, they’re bringin’ it. We’re talking A-game electro pop for unsuspecting American audiences. If you missed them last time, don’t be foolish again. Highlights for the August tour include a couple of not-to-be-missed anime expos—Otakon in Baltimore, August 19, and Pacific Media Expo in Long Beach, California, September 3-4. Pick up “Pull the Rabbit Ears” from our online boutique and learn the words so you can sing along when the girls are in town.

And finally, the fellas from Oranger are releasing LP number four, “New Comes And Goes” on September 20. A tour is in the works and you can bet, given the band’s past tour buddies (Elliott Smith, Pavement, Creeper Lagoon, R.E.M., The Apples in Stereo), the upcoming tours are gonna be pretty, pretty fancy, and one heck of a value, too. We’ll keep you posted as details come in.

Hey, let’s all have a good week. What d’ya say?

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