New Comes and Goes is here to stay

“New Comes and Goes” hits stores today. And that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate. So celebrate we will—in the spirit of Oranger.

Hold your figurative and literal mugs up high, jump around with your clothes on backwards like Kris Kross, take a little time to talk to a neighborhood crossing guard or police officer, hang your head out of a Cutlass window a scream “I’m on top of the world,” mark the September 20th box of your puppy or kitten calendar with hearts. Do whatever it is you normally do, just do it Oranger.

To celebrate the new record, Eenie Meenie is giving away an Oranger prize pack. A cornucopia of music, autographs, stickers, sweet treats and more, the prize pack is an homage to everything orange. Enter to win.

Oranger will be coming and going across the U.S.
Life is hard for Oranger. To support the release of “New Comes and Goes,” the band will be on the road alongside the Posies until the end of October. Then it’s time for a break. Or as Oranger’s Mike Drake says, “taking a bit of a break sounds geriatric. We’ll go into rehab and then back on the road.” 

What better way to release the many pent-up Oranger hooks you have floating around your head than to see the band’s brain freezing and mind scrambling live show? For a complete listing of tour dates, check our shows page.

Get your daily dose of vitamin C
In the event you are reading this, but haven’t yet raced out to the store for the new disc, here are a few suggestions to help speed the process along:

1. Check out the Oranger e-card. You’ll find audio samples, photos, and video of the band. Warning: viewing the Oranger e-card typically results in the obsessive collecting of Oranger music and memorabilia. This may also include the collecting of homemade apple-faced Oranger action dolls and the frequenting of farmer’s markets for exotic citrus fruits. Proceed with caution.

2. Purchase “New Comes and Goes” at your favorite retailer, or shop Eenie Meenie’s own online boutique. A good record makes a prudent addition to a diversified portfolio.

3. Enter to win the aforementioned Oranger Prize Pack. Begin your memorabilia collection today.

Eenie Meenie bands rule the road
Troubled Hubble continues to terrorize the nation in a Leviathan named the Jules Verne;Hockey Night traverses the same nation in a van that thinks they should know better; Blue-Eyed Son has opted to stay home for California’s fabled September south swells and will be touring his own backyard haunts throughout the next two months; and Irving will be supporting the Fruit Bats in LA and SF, October 5th and 6th. For a detailed listing, check out our shows page.

Hurricane Katrina victims need your help. You can donate to the Red Cross today or see last week’s newspage for a more complete listing of organizations and ways to help.

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