Mid-sprint, Blue-Eyed Son sets sights on finish line

Blue-Eyed Son’s Drew Heilprin is slowly wrapping up his onslaught of performances in the Los Angeles county area. After wearing his tires down to rubber flaps, and traversing as far as Pasadena, Long Beach, and Ventura, Drew ‘tha Go-Getta’ Heilprin brings it all back home for a performances in Hollywood and Echo Park. Be sure to check the shows page for the delightful details. 

One hundred mixes, maybe less, maybe more
Reports are filtering in that Irving is about to put the next record to bed. The tight-lippedgoofballs have kept mum about song and album titles so far. At mention of how the mixes sound though, you’ll catch the band members straining to mask a slight upward curl to their lips. Stay tuned for news about the long awaited second full-length release.

Mustard and tomato beer, a Mormonorteño dance-a-thon, one skins-jockey down and three shows to go…Oranger’s a comin’ home
Add to that: one fractured ankle, trampled bits of guitar and rock-star innards, a dreadlocked poodle among beavers, miles and miles of classic rock road tracks, and you’ve got yourself a little slice of life on the road with Oranger and the Posies this past month. 

For more complete details, check out the all-too-graphic and ever-more-too-entertaining Oranger tour blog. And if you happen to find yourself in what the locals like to call Frisco this weekend, loosen them chastity belt straps and hit up The Independent for the way-official, “New Comes and Goes” cd release party.

On an Oranger note, you have only a few days left to compete for the Oranger Prize Pack. Steeplechase, Stratego and bean-counting smarts are not the key to winning—just filling out the entry form and a little luck. Drop your name in the basket by October 20th. 

Troubled Hubble bids farewell to a packed house
Troubled Hubble finished a frenetic six-year run on September 29th at Schuba’s in Chicago. The band’s last show ever was a sold-out, 75-minute romp and circumstance through memories, melancholy and the infinite adrenaline. From the opening and positively retrospective “14,000 Things To Be Happy About” to the finale, ne’er a dry eye in the house, “What We Do,” Troubled Hubble proved for one last time why they have earned a reputation as one of Chicago’s most tenacious and adored bands. Friends, family and fans cheered and shed the occasional tear for a band that has truly worked for, deserved, and relished all the love and respect it has received. 

Word has it that folks from more than ten states attended the final show. If you weren’t one of those in attendance, you can still catch the stellar performance on eMusicLive.

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