How can winning be so Blue?

Where can you find an autographed blue-eyed slab of wax, a couple of import only tracks, and a sweet little samba called Tropicalize II? In a little handful of Pacific we like to call the Blue-Eyed Son Prize Pack. The prize pack includes an autographed blue LP of “West of Lincoln;” a copy of the Japanese comp “Tropicalize II,” featuring Jack Johnson, Michael Franti, Spearhead, and our very own Blue-Eyed Son; and the way west of Lincoln Japanese copy of “West of Lincoln,” containing two Japanese-only tracks. All you need to do is give us your magic names and numbers to win.

Blue-Eyed Son’s Drew Heilprin is slowly wrapping up his onslaught of performances in the Los Angeles county area. After wearing his tires down to rubber flaps, and traversing as far as Pasadena, Long Beach, and Ventura, Drew ‘tha Go-Getta’ Heilprin brings it all back home for a couple of performances at his old breakfast haunt, Abbot’s Habit in Venice Beach, and the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on November 10th, where we will be giving away free copies to the first ten guests. Be sure to check the shows page for the delightful details.

Europe claps its hands for the upcoming Hockey Night
The British are all up in applause for la musica rock in November. After a couple of rollicking warm-ups in the Twin Cities and pepper-mothed Northen England, Hockey Night joins Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for a week-long tour of Britain, taking them from the very seat of the Empire to the grand foot of the Highlands. The boys have been forewarned to drink plenty o’ beer, because the food will sure as shinola kill them.

Hockey Night then moves across the channel to Amsterdam and Germany for a spate of shows with Supersystem (formerly El Guapo). ‘The handsome’ and Hockey Night will most assuredly indulge in the fruits of their labors, which should include liters of liquids, meters of brats, and the sexy pair of lederhosen every now and again. 

VJ Me VJ You
A man of many hats and much heart, producer, multi-media artist, video director, and musician Ross Harris of DJ Me DJ You gets mad props for his recent video foray in conjunction with theDimension Mix. Harris’ video for The Stones Throw Singers’ Dimension Mix track, “Rain of Earth,” is a spirited and affectionate cross-breeding of The Fisher King, Bubblicious and a carnival funhouse. But unlike most e-ticket rides, this one’s well worth the price of admission. Check it out jout. 

Mustard and tomato beer, a Mormonorteño dance-a-thon, and one skins-jockey down, Oranger’s finally home in one piece…more or less
Add to that: one fractured ankle, trampled bits of guitar and rock-star innards, a dreadlocked poodle among beavers, miles and miles of classic rock road tracks, and you’ve got yourself a little slice of life on the road with Oranger and the Posies this past month. For more complete details, check out the all-too-graphic and ever-more-too-entertaining Oranger tour blog. 

“New Comes and Goes” will be out in Europe on Fargo Records in January, 2006. Alert all your pen-pals abroad…And be safe out there.

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