Oranger busy tapping into gaming matrix

Oranger pulls their britches on one leg at a time, just like everyone else, but when them britches is on, they’re dropping sick video game hits. The band’s rendition of ‘Mr. Sandman’ for theStubbs the Zombie video game soundtrack is a tour de force, the stuff legends and dreams are made of, a coup d’etat, a man of la mancha, a shutout, the grand mal, grand master, and grandmaster flash of all video game-inspired jams. Right up there on the gym wall, next to the retired jerseys of Bette Midler and Joe Cocker for their tear-jerking and tragic cover of the Frogger video game theme.

And what does a job well done translate into amongst gamers? Either a chance to enter your three letter obscenities into the high score column, or the opportunity to rock the house at the G.A.M.E.convention in San Francisco on December 4th. But be sure to peel yourself away from the Warriors on your X-box 360 and check out Oranger.

While you’re at it, keep your schedule clear for Oranger’s December 15th performance at the SF Indie List Xmas Party at 12 Galaxies Theater in San Francisco.

Zombie fragments to accompany random Oranger shipments
Order your copy of ‘New Comes and Goes’ today and you might be a lucky recipient of some Stubbs the Zombie bounty. We’ll be blindly dropping Stubbs soundtrack samplers, postcards, and scrumptious gummy brains into orders before we ship ’em out. 

Finally, if you’re still into reading about Oranger, check out this Splendid interview with Mike Drake, where he unravels the mystery of Oranger’s oft-not mentioned early discography (featuring such venerable titles as ‘They Call Me Trick’, ‘Sir Sauce of Soy‘, and ‘Quadruple Live Bongo’).

Hockey Night does their business all over Europe
After a few successful weeks in the EU, Hockey Night will soon be homeward bound. The band is lapping up the final bend in Germany and will be back in the great warm North for a few shows in early December. Domestic fans are advised to grab a little nip of their favorite fire-belly, step out into the cold, and head out to the shows.

Dimension Mix intends to do its business next
Now we’re not naming any names around here, but it looks like the Dimension Mix has every intention to be released on a European label soon. A little look at how European listeners will respond: Rivierans in velour Gucci jumpers will snap their fingers dangerously high above their heads to ‘I’m Bruce’ in Monaco; after far too long of a discussion, burnt-out coffeehouse dwellers in Amsterdam will determine that Bruce Haack’s lyrics are actually ‘spherical and a little bit yellow’; the kids will go as crazy for Dimension Mix across Europe as they have in the United States’proof once again that Bruce Haack was only about, say, forty years ahead of his time. 

Rogues and Troubadours and Irvings
Rogue Wave will join Irving for a little holiday toast at the Troubadour, December 20th. This is a perfect opportunity to take out your old friends who are home for the holidays and show them just how much cooler you’ve become. It’s also a damn good pairing of bands, and when you consider all the cool new Irving shirts for sale, it’s the perfect one-stop shop for all of your holiday needs.

Happy turkey, turkey, tofurkey; banana, nana, bo-furkey.

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