Goldenboy and sunshine kids, Irving, kick off a bold new year of releases

We’re all too excited around here about 2006. And what isn’t there to get excited about? Irving’slong-awaited second full-length record, ‘Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers,’ will be on iTunes and in stores everywhere on April 4, 2006. And the Irving guys will be everywhere too, with tours scheduled for February, March and April of 2006. To give you a quick taste of that fresh Irving sound that’s driving teens all nutty, preview one of the record’s thirteen utter gems.

And as if that isn’t enough to satiate a holiday-stretched gullet and gut, earmark a few of your hard-earned ducats for Goldenboy in May. A melodicist in the vein of Elliot Smith and Neil Finn (both with whom goldenboy Shon Sullivan has played), Goldenboy will warm the red edges of many a frostbitten ear this Spring.

And for those of you who can’t wait until next year, check out Goldenboy at the Silverlake Lounge on December 15th and Irving at the Troubadour with Northern California comrades, Rogue Wave, on December 20th. What better way is there to usher in the holidays? Besides…

…The Eenie Meenie Holiday Sale
The candy cane peppermint of ULYSSES white vinyl and Troubled Hubble red vinyl’for bargain basement prices. This is the year-end, Eenie Meenie Holiday Sale! We’re letting our entire roster go for next to nothing. Why waste time combing used bins for deals when you can save time and money with us, and spend that quality saved time combing your own gorgeous locks instead? Order now for the special people on your holiday list’yourself included. 

Blue-Eyed Son closes 2005 in San Diego, with a slight off-shore wind, waist to shoulder high mixed-up swell
Celebrate the holidays in true California style as Blue-Eyed Son finishes off the year at Twiggs in San Diego on December 8th. The forecast calls for clear skies, moderate temperatures, respectable surf, and a hearty helping of melody, rhythm and Drew for all in attendance. 

Dimension Mixed with live performances mixed with screenings mixed with a very special star-sighting of Esther Nelson
Join Anubian Lights, DJ Peanut Butter Wolf and Esther Nelson’yes, Esther Nelson of Dimension Five notoriety’for live performances, song-spinning and a special screening of ‘Bruce Haack: King of Techno’ at Cinespace in Hollywood on January 18, 2006. Don’t miss this opportunity to introduce yourself to the ever-dashing living half of Dimension Five Records, Esther Nelson. 

Dimension Mix will be distributed in Europe through the Paris based Fargo Records. European kids, from the top of the Alps to the depths of the Chunnel, having been asking for it and will soon be riding the lightning of Dimension Five songs as covered by an A-Z of today’s raddest artists, from Anubian Lights and Beck to Stereolab and beyond. Odelay-ee-hoo.

The whispers and echo of Oranger in January
The sardonic wit of Oranger’s public face betrays a much more sensitive band. An emotional band. A kinder, gentler band that will be baring its most pale and tender spots in a hushed in-store performance at Amoeba Records, Hollywood, on January 20, 2006. If vulnerable Oranger doesn’t work for you, consider catching the band later that night at the Echo for a round of the band’s archetypal rock onslaught. 

And Oranger’s big in pictures
Oranger sure does resonate with the cinematic types. The band has recently completed a film score for Vertov’s ‘Man With a Movie Camera’ to be released sometime next year on Jackpine Social Club. The film ‘Steve Katz, VP,’ which features an all-Oranger soundtrack won best student film honors at the New Hampshire Film Festival. And you can find Oranger’s version of ‘Mr. Sandman’ on the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack on Shout! Records. Sure, Stubbs isn’t exactly cinema, but if you watch someone play the videogame long enough, you begin to sense among the characters the same desires, torments, loves and losses that drove our beloved pro and antagonists in such celluloid classics as ‘Casablanca’, ‘Gremlins’ and more. And besides, the soundtrack features a smattering of indie winners including Death Cab For Cutie, Ben Kweller, the Dandy Warhols, and the Flaming Lips, among others. 

Join a winning team
We’re looking for a few good folks who want to take part in a winning campaign’street teaming for the upcoming Irving release. Get the word out to your friends, local music fans, local radio, and the greater community at large. A year from now when Irving co-headlines state fairs across the country alongside Peter Cetera, you can say to everyone, ‘I told you these guys were the real deal.’ Email stephanie@eeniemeenie to join the street team today.

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