Running with Scissors


Hello! San Francisco’s charming Scissors for Lefty are now officially a part of the Eenie Meenie team! Did you catch them at the Troubadour on the 28th? They’re such nice boys (aside from seriously rockin’). They are hitting the road quite a bit before and after SXSW, so now is your chance to see them. Check out the GIGANTIC list of shows we got going on, not even counting SXSW!! Our heads are in a bit of a whirl…

On top of that, we have some more fun stuff from Steven Scott’s adventures in Germany. Check out their myspace blog to watch some cool video footage of acoustic performances and interviews. (And read some badly translated German…) We especially like Steven’s take on “Jen, Nothing Matters To Me”. Irving will head out there on tour in May, so we’ll let you know when the dates start coming in.

Are you on the massive guest list for Great Northern‘s Viper Room show tonight? The band sent out an email blast inviting everyone, thanks to Indie 103.1‘s Check One…Two. Great Northern played on the show last night with Mark Sovel and also have a little blurb posted about them on Indie 103.1’s main page so we expect to hear a few more spins of “Home” pretty soon! In the meantime, be sure to watch their lovely new EPK.

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