Home Again, Home Again


Wow, SXSW was quite a trip! Our showcase with Five One Records was packed, full to capacity, so the poor, harrassed door ladies at the Soho Lounge had to stop letting people in. If you were anywhere wandering around Austin, you may have had a charming little Eenie Meenie slap bracelet slapped upon your wrist by one of us. We were running around promoting not only the showcase but also Scissors For Lefty‘s and Great Northern‘s many shows during the week. Not to mention running into some famous individuals, a la James Iha, Wayne Coyne, Dennis Miller, and Paul Simonon!! Nice!

Check out our nifty Imeem photo playlist for some of the fun.

Now we’re back, but Goldenboy, Great Northern, and Scissors For Lefty are out there on the road, giving you more and more opportunities to catch them in a town near you. (We personally think Scissors For Lefty don’t sleep.) Keep an eye on everyone’s tour dates! Great Northern also recently shot a video with Josh Forbes for “Home” which we should have some stills from pretty soon! There’s going to be some haunting animation in this one, so we can’t wait to see the final version.

Not to be outdone, Irving had a nice little chat with Go TV you might want to check out here. And Scissors will be on Artist of the Day on Mania TV today at 1pm and 5pm (Pacific time). You know you want to watch!

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