Releasin' Parties


Hello! Did you notice the German dates for Irving to the right, there? That’s right, it’s the big launch! Irving leaves for Germany on May 6th and we think they’re gonna have a blast. Wish them luck! Unless, of course, you’re German, in which case, go catch a show!

In other news, guess who got added to Indie 103.1‘s rotation?? Great Northern, with their single, “Home“! Please help out and request it! (Online here or by phone at 877-900-1031). It’s just in time too because the Great Northern release parties are coming up in San Francisco and Los Angeles! So if you’re in the Bay Area, come out to Popscene on 5/10, and if you’re in L.A. you have no excuse not to be at The Echo on 5/15 – it’s free and presented by 89.9 KCRW,Rockinsider and Radio Free Silverlake! Twilight Sleep and The Movies will be there. And oh, by the way, it’s FREE.

*And did you know you can now pre-order Great Northern’s Trading Twilight For Daylight from our webstore?? Go here and have fun choosing between two presale packages!

A few release parties for Scissors For Lefty are not too far away either, folks, so don’t you worry. (In fact, go ahead and mark 6/13 on your calendars now, for The Knitting Factory in Hollywood.) But they’ve got several parties scheduled for May and June, so we’ve got you covered the next couple months. In Goldenboy news, the band is hitting the road with Chris McFarland next month as well, so everybody is busy busy. 

It’ll all be okay though. Just pace yourself.

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