Dylan's Law- Please help pass the autism insurance bill in Hawaii!


As many of you know we have an autism benefit CD we put out a couple years ago called Dimension Mix – To Benefit Autism Charities. The album has songs by Beck, Stereolab, Apples in Stereo, Eels and our own Oranger, Irving, DJ Me DJ You, From Bubblegum To Sky and Blue-Eyed Son as well as some others.

We just found out that Hawaii is trying to pass a bill that will require insurance companies in Hawaii to cover autism (anything deemed “medically necessary”)

(from the Hawaii Chapter of the Yahoo Autism Group)
Please let your legislators know how important this bill is to the families in Hawaii!
The bill numbers are: HB2727 and SB2532.
Go to this website to locate and write/email/call your

REPRESENTATIVE: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/site1/house/house.asp

Go to this one to locate and write/email/call your SENATOR:

The general website for the legislature is www.capitol.hawaii.gov.

“We will need testimonies from as many people as we can! If you can’t be there, then fax it in, or have someone go for you! We can only get Dylan’s Law passed if we work together!!!
Dylan’s Mom

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