Ricky Reed Missing! Wallpaper. Cancels World Tour!



“OMG! Ricky Reed, of Wallpaper. fame, is missing. Gone! Completely vanished. Unfortunately, his stellar world tour has now been cancelled. Fans are riotous with the news. The far reaching world tour included stops to Tanzania, Tucson and Tokyo. We even heard Wallpaper. was venturing to Antarctica and the Vatican City to make sure he reached every last fan. 

He was last seen somewhere in the Amazon’s bamboo forest. We hope he doesn’t meet up with a T-Rex. We’ve heard they’re fierce. 

His drummer, Arjun Singh, is completely depressed and wants some help.

What You Can Do to Help: You can buy his recently released EP on iTunes. Apparently all of this started when Reed found out that Grand Theft Auto IV out-sold his EP. (Can you believe it?) If we can boost the numbers, maybe Reed will come back. Maybe. Only time will tell. Please call (510) 493-7835 if you have any information or leads. Click here to view the last known footage of Ricky Reed.”

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