BiancaRocksOut. Getting My Glitter Back SXSW10 Edition

BiancaRocksOut: Getting my Glitter Back SXSW10 Edition

The week started with getting off the plane and running to the tumblr party… from there, everything was a crazy awesome blur.  Lindsay welcomed me and giant pale Dutch Justin made a great partner in crime.

I love SXSW because most of my friends are in the same place at the same time (both internet and music) and I run around and adventure with them.

There were some other bands I caught and other people I partied with, and didn’t get video of because my phone and camera were dead half the time.  But I still love you guys.

Music: Wallpaper– I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted (appropriate for my SXSW on so many levels)

Thanks so much Bianca : )

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