Sleepwalker video up…check it out!

Here’s the new music video from Goldenboy’s third album, Sleepwalker!! Hope you enjoy! There’s a cool explanation of where the footage is from below….

Here’s the interview from, where the video was the featured video of the day:

“This is one of those rare occasions where the video came first, inspiring the song,” Goldenboy’s Shon Sullivan tells Spinner. “A couple of years ago I spent a summer at a friend’s house in Faenza, Italy…Being the perpetual super-snooper that I am, I had to go through everything. Off in one corner I found a canvas sack with a bunch of film tins that still had actual 16mm film in them, along with a home movie projector.”

“I brought them back to the house and played them. Most of the films were too oxidized from time, but then there was this one that had these two kids by the seaside, with seagulls, starfish and waves. It immediately took me back to my own childhood of camping on the beach and making friends for a day with people you would never see again.”

“There was no sound with the film but if you put your head really close to the projector, like when you put your ear next to a seashell to hear the ocean, the click, click, click of the turning film reels made a looping sound sequence that I tried to duplicate on the keyboard, along with musical swells for ocean waves.”

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