Music History in Gifs by Old Monk’s Josh Carrafa

If you’ve been keeping up with Old Monk lately you may have seen Joshua Carrafa’s tumblr page Music History in Gifs. It’s been hailed by some as quite possibly the best tumblr ever. Carrafa creates 8-bit animated gif images that colorfully represent iconic moments in music history. The series of GIFs begins in 1964 with The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, and is now currently up to 1997 with the release of Radiohead’s OK Computer. Each image is accompanied with Carrafa’s brief and witty descriptions of the noteworthy events, along with links to further educate yourself. I’ve put a few of my favorites below.

Upcoming Old Monk dates:
Sept 26 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY
Sept 28 @ Legion, Brooklyn, NY
Sept 30 @ Cake Shop, New York, NY
Oct 10 @ Spike Hill, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 20 @ Cake Shop (CMJ Showcase), New York, NY

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