James Murphy remixes David Bowie’s “Love is Lost”

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) has released a ten-minute remix of David Bowie’s “Love is Lost”, officially dubbed the “Hello Steve Reich Mix”.

Murphy talks about the track with Consequence of Sound, “I was obsessed with Steve Reich’s clapping music, so I opened [the remix] with a phasing clapping piece,” Murphy explained. “I had a couple people. I had Hisham Bharoocha, who’s this percussionist-artist. He used to be in Black Dice and he’s done stuff with the Boredoms and he’s a friend of mine. So he was in town and I hadn’t seen him. He was doing this [piece] over at the Gallery where he was smashing up a room with some other percussionist-artists and I hadn’t seen him in a long time, so I literally just wanted an opportunity to hang out with my friend and work on something (laughs) since I’m always working and they’re always working. Sometimes you just have to be, “let’s do this thing together,” so I had him come over and we just made this little clapping, phasing clapping piece, that began the track. It was originally going to be the whole remix, just clapping.”

Also, David Bowie has a soundcloud.

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