Recapping 2013: Old Monk, A Year in Review


NY based rock trio Old Monk stayed busy pretty this year with a handful of tracks for 2013. The band released 4 singles for their digital singles series, 3 music videos animated by singer/guitarist Josh Carrafa, and topped off the year with an original track for the 2013 Eenie Meenie Holiday Mix. We’ve gathered up all the releases here, along with some words about each track from Josh Carrafa for a quick trip back through 2013 with Old Monk.

“…Seymour is the title character in the JD Salinger story of the same name. He suffers from this affliction a bit. A fear of the future. A longing for the past. Constant dissatisfaction. I like JD Salinger.

But in reality, the past was not that great. And the things you do in the future have a fine chance of being better than what has already happened. But it’s hard to accept this. So we will always yearn.” (via Prefix)

“I have no idea what consciousness is. I mean what it actually is. I know what the effect of it is, but what is it made of? As far as I can tell it’s just chemicals and particles bouncing around and interacting with each other in weird ways that no one understands. And when they bounce around they do all sorts of weird stuff that make people do all sorts of weird things like go hunting, build houses, and invent slinkies. Also they make people get into fights and start wars and write songs. I did that last thing and made it about this all of this weirdness.” (via Exclaim)

“One day I was thinking about ‘Here Comes the Sun’. But my outlook on life is not quite as positive as George’s, so I was thinking of it as: ‘Look out! Here comes the sun!! It’s coming to get us!’. Then I wrote this song.”

“One day I was thinking about how crazy volcanoes are. The fact that liquid earth shoots out of holes on the earth’s surface is amazing, really. Then I thought about how it would suck to be thrown in to the mouth of a volcano. Then I wrote a song about a sailor who crashes into an island and gets captured by robots who try and throw him into a volcano but he gets saved by animals at the last second.” (via Big Takeover)

“This song is called ‘Holidays’ because there’s a Vampire Weekend song called ‘Holiday’ and I hate it so much. “I would very much like to never hear it again. So I figure if there are a lot of songs with similar titles, maybe people will forget about the terrible Vampire Weekend version. Or at least they’ll have a harder time finding it, and thus have a harder time subjecting me to it.”

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