LA Weekly: Dreams and Promises (Afternoons Feature)


Dreams and Promises, Afternoons Was Set to Be the Next Big Indie Band. Then Their World Collapsed

by Artemis Thomas-Hansard

At the beginning of 2008, Steven Scott and Brian Canning were on a bit of a roll, having just returned from touring Europe with their indie band, Irving. Over the course of the act’s 10-year career, they also had opened for Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand and The Polyphonic Spree, and had recently been playing sold-out shows on their own.

“It was time to swing for the fences. I wanted a home run or a strikeout.” —Steven Scott
Yet when Scott and Canning heard their music on Indie 103.1 that year, they were shocked. Why? Because it wasn’t the music of Irving that was playing — it was unreleased demos of their experimental electronic folk side project, Afternoons.

Even more bizarre was how the late, great alternative rock station got ahold of the demos: through graphic designer Shepard Fairey, the famous street artist behind the 2008 Obama “Hope” campaign poster, and creator of Indie 103.1’s logo.

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