Hands remix Afternoons “Say Yes”

Hands have remixed Afternoons “Say Yes” !! It’s a free download. The track premiered this week on Magnet. Hands’ remix of “Say Yes” retains the epic sway of the original, but adds funky synth bass and tasty atmospheric synths for a progressive-pop jam that is less club-banger, and more headphone masterpiece.

Geoffrey Halliday of Hands offers some insight into the process of reworking the track:

“When I first heard the song I had no clue what I was going to put together for a remix. The song was so solid and confident that it was hard to imagine as anything but the lilting, swinging romp that the original encapsulates. It was when I finally started chopping up the tracks and sampling various pieces that I was able to find a new feel to match the vocals to. I fell in love with the claps they recorded and so I used those as a guide to build a new groove around. I didn’t quantize anything in the remix to try and retain some of the loose feel of the original that I loved. Almost all of the synths are made out of samples from the original stems, though some are so effected that their origin may not be apparent. That’s one of the most enjoyable parts honestly.”

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