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Wayne Coyne kicked off Instagram… again.


Instagram first removed Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne’s account back in September for posting colorful pics of naked people. When asked about it by Stereogum, Coyne said, “I am OK with that. I understand Instagram has its rules, and I didn’t ever read them, but I knew that they had taken down things that I’d […]

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Old Monk “Volcanic Prisons” premieres at Big Takeover


The 4th and final track of Old Monk’s digital single series “Volcanic Prisons” has premiered over at Big Takeover Magazine today. The track will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp etc. on Tuesday. Old Monk’s 2nd album is dropping early next year. Tweet

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How musician Whitey said NO to TV company asking to use music for free


When Betty TV asked British alt/rock/tronica artist Whitey, aka NJ White, to allow them to use his music for free. He wrote them the following response, and posted a screenshot on his facebook: I am sick to death of your hollow schtick, of the inevitable line “unfortunately there’s no budget for music”, as if some […]

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Dude makes a LEGO record shop. Dude rules.


This is a LEGO Record Store created by Ryan Howerter. It’s stocked with little colorfully illustrated tiles for 7″ records and 12″ LPs… even picture discs! I don’t recognize any of those album covers, must be an indie shop that only carries stuff from small, lego sized labels. Still, the store even comes with little […]

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Beck to play Song Reader show in LA w/ Jarvis Cocker, dad & more


On November 24th, Beck will bring songs from his 2012 sheet-music release Song Reader to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles as part of a partnership with eyeglass company Warby Parker. Beck’s father, David Campbell, will conduct the concert, which will feature the Los Angeles Philharmonic and a plethora of special guests including […]

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Watch: Best Coast’s “I Don’t Know How” music video


Beth Cosentino and Bobb Bruno hang with the pool skaters in this video for Best Coast’s “I Don’t Know How” from their Fade Away EP. Tweet

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Watch The Flaming Lips cover Tame Impala’s “Elephant”


Along with some tour dates together, The Flaming Lips and Tame Impala are releasing a joint EP that features covers of each other’s songs. The EP will be available at their upcoming shows in California. Along with a cover of Tame Impala’s “Runway, Houses, City, Clouds”, The Flaming Lips recorded this cover of “Elephant” where […]

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Atoms for Peace “Before Your Very Eyes” music video

atoms for peace - before your very eyes

The new Atoms For Peace music video for “Before Your Very Eyes” is directed by Andrew Thomas Huang and filled with amazing CGI work. Watch Thom Yorke’s head emerge from the ground with a cracked skull and serenade you with this trippy tune. Tweet

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Free limited Old Monk posters available at CMJ Showcases


Old Monk will be giving away these sweet new posters at their CMJ shows later this week. Posters are double sided, featuring these vertical and horizontal designs in the 8-bit style of their recent music videos. They are playing Thursday 10/17 at Union Hall (info) and on Friday 10/18 at The Rock Shop (info) Tweet

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Beastie Boys’ Mike D designs Brooklyn Themed Wallpaper


Mike D of the Beastie Boys has a ventured into the wallpaper business. From a distance, the wallpaper might look like some traditional French Country Toile, but upon closer inspection, Mike D’s Brooklyn Toile wallpaper embodies a Brooklyn theme with images of the Cyclone Roller Coaster on Coney Island, pigeons, subways and even The Notorious […]

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