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Dimension Mixer was fun!

If you didn’t make it to the Dimension Mixer last Wednesday, you missed out on an awesome night of amazing music, compliments of Peanut Butter Wolf’s DJ skills and great performances by Esther Nelson and Anubian Nights. Then there was a screening of ‘Haack: King Of Techno’, of which you should seek out, Netflix or […]

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Happy New Years!

2006 is now upon us and things are starting to get very busy here at the office in preparation for the many exciting releases we have for the New Year. Very soon up we have the Dimension Mixer on January 18th @ Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd at Ivar) in Hollywood, which will surely be tons of […]

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Goldenboy and sunshine kids, Irving, kick off a bold new year of releases

We’re all too excited around here about 2006. And what isn’t there to get excited about? Irving’slong-awaited second full-length record, ‘Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers,’ will be on iTunes and in stores everywhere on April 4, 2006. And the Irving guys will be everywhere too, with tours scheduled for February, March and April of […]

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Oranger busy tapping into gaming matrix

Oranger pulls their britches on one leg at a time, just like everyone else, but when them britches is on, they’re dropping sick video game hits. The band’s rendition of ‘Mr. Sandman’ for theStubbs the Zombie video game soundtrack is a tour de force, the stuff legends and dreams are made of, a coup d’etat, […]

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Old Habits Are Hard To Break: Old Blue-Eyed Is Back

Tonight, keep an azure eye peeled for Blue-Eyed Son. Drew’ll be rolling in to Abbot’s Habit in Venice on a steel string with a six horse on his back. Or something like that. He’ll be back there again on November 18th, and in between you can catch him at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on […]

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How can winning be so Blue?

Where can you find an autographed blue-eyed slab of wax, a couple of import only tracks, and a sweet little samba called Tropicalize II? In a little handful of Pacific we like to call the Blue-Eyed Son Prize Pack. The prize pack includes an autographed blue LP of “West of Lincoln;” a copy of the […]

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Mid-sprint, Blue-Eyed Son sets sights on finish line

Blue-Eyed Son’s Drew Heilprin is slowly wrapping up his onslaught of performances in the Los Angeles county area. After wearing his tires down to rubber flaps, and traversing as far as Pasadena, Long Beach, and Ventura, Drew ‘tha Go-Getta’ Heilprin brings it all back home for a performances in Hollywood and Echo Park. Be sure […]

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Troubled Hubble bids farewell to a packed house

Troubled Hubble finished a frenetic six-year run on September 29th at Schuba’s in Chicago. The band’s last show ever was a sold-out, 75-minute romp and circumstance through memories, melancholy and the infinite adrenaline. From the opening and positively retrospective “14,000 Things To Be Happy About” to the finale, ne’er a dry eye in the house, […]

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New Comes and Goes is here to stay

“New Comes and Goes” hits stores today. And that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate. So celebrate we will—in the spirit of Oranger.Hold your figurative and literal mugs up high, jump around with your clothes on backwards like Kris Kross, take a little time to talk to a neighborhood crossing guard or police officer, hang your […]

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In Exactly One Week, New Oranger Comes, and Stays

The countdown has begun. In exactly one week, Oranger’s fourth full-length, “New Comes and Goes,” is here to stay. The perfect soundtrack to back-to-school, “New Comes and Goes” is filled to brim with party delights—like an expertly-poured mug of your favorite autumn concoction. Be it the jump-start bombast of “Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs,” […]

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