Music Times: Afternoons new single ‘Say Yes’ (Premiere)


L.A. six-piece Afternoons are back after a six-year journey with the anthemic single “Say Yes.” Led by Brian Canning and Steven Scott of the band Irving, who were part of the era-defining Ship Collective in the mid-2000s, the band came from a desire to “swing for the fences.”

As LA Weekly notes, the band burst onto the local scene in 2008 with all the makings to be the next big indie band. “Obey” artist Shepard Fairey even designed a poster for them, and the now defunct radio station Indie 103.1 gave them steady airplay. Unfortunately, a string of business miscues, a name change, and a critically lauded but criminally overlooked full-length caused the members to become disenchanted, and the group imploded and disbanded.

Now after two years back together, the band returns under their original Afternoons moniker with the project they had always envisioned, something “sonically expansive yet lyrically concise. Starry-eyed at times, sardonic at others, and ever and always a Mass Spectacle.”

Their lead single, “Say Yes,” comes from the band’s early days. Co-lead singer and co-songwriter Scott explains the story behind its message:
“There is a long version and a short version,” Scott said in a statement to Music Times. “The short story goes quite a few years ago when we all moved down to L.A. four of us lived in a single apartment that was directly across the street from a Catholic elementary school. These were very debautcherous times. Many times the evenings and nights ended in all night dance parties with 30 or 40 people dancing in this one single apartment. Eventually people would pair-off, or disappear into the night to make their way home. But there were a series of nights where it seemed like every time we woke up there would be a guy that no one recognized asleep on the bathroom floor or the kitchen or in the hallway between other apartments. Always in the worst sleeping position. The way he slept he looked like a discarded sock. AND I’m not sure it was always the same kid!!

“Anyway, at some point Brian and I were messing around with a chord progression that I had, but no lyrics, and Brian came up with, ‘The day let go of its night time, and morning spilt all over…’ And that set us off on the story that was our first few months here in Los Angeles. About being 22 and trying it all. I mean, we grew up in the era of ‘Just Say No.’ We heard that daily. The song we wrote was about the idea that perhaps the opposite is true. Basically, that life happens when you say, ‘yes.’ I mean, do you ever learn anything if you ‘Just Say No?’

“We weren’t stupid. We always took care of each other and those we were with. That’s how you grow up, right? By trying things. All of the lyrics are like Polaroids from Brian’s apartment. The Catholic bells ringing signifying what time it is…He had this clock where you couldn’t actually see the numbers unless you were two inches away… You could distinctly hear when other neighbors were showering… Anyway, it sounds uplifting because it is. It’s not really a ‘Pro-Drug Use’ song or anything, but it is definitely an anti ‘Just Say No’ song if that makes any sense.”

Afternoons will be releasing their full-length album Say Yes on October 21 via Eenie Meenie Records. A discounted pre-sale for the effort is available here.

(Music Times)

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Old Monk “Posing as Love” Preorder Specials

old monk square-600w
Old Monk’s sophomore album Posing as Love is out June 10th! Check out our preorder package deals below, available to order now.

Posing as Love – Tote Package
Old Monk “Posing as Love” LP (pink vinyl)
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Posing as Love & Birds of Belize – Tote Package
Old Monk “Posing as Love” LP (pink vinyl)
Old Monk “Birds of Belize” LP (yellow vinyl)
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Silk-screened Old Monk Tote Bag
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May 6: Afternoons, Timothy James, Charlie Wadhams @ The Satellite

The Satellite presents

Timothy James (The Movies
Charlie Wadhams

Tue, May 6, 2014
Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Satellite
1717 Silverlake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

$10 / 21+

facebook event page
purchase tickets

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Jan 24: Afternoons @ Satellite w/ Spirit Vine, Burning of Rome, Rayne Family

4"x6" Post Card Template


Friday Jan 24th at The Satellite

Spirit Vine
The Burning of Rome
The Rayne Family

9PM / $10 / 21+

facebook event page
get tickets

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Old Monk release new single “Volcanic Prisons”

Old Monk are concluding the year with ‘Volcanic Prisons’, the 4th and final track in their digital singles series. The new prog-punk mind-melting garage rocker was premiered by Big Takeover Magazine on Friday. Singer/guitarist, Josh Carrafa directed the  8-bit animated video for the song which is coming soon. He provides the back story:

One day I was thinking about how crazy volcanoes are. The fact that liquid earth shoots out of holes on the earth’s surface is amazing, really. Then I thought about how it would suck to be thrown in to the mouth of a volcano. Then I wrote a song about a sailor who crashes into an island and gets captured by robots who try and throw him into a volcano but he gets saved by animals at the last second.”

old monk ‘volcanic prisons’ out now
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Old Monk premiere new single “Mages”

The Big Takeover has premiered “Mages”, the 3rd track in Old Monk’s digital singles series. Look out for the new music video coming soon. “Mages” is also available on BandcampiTunes and streaming on Spotify

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Old Monk “Seymour” music video premieres on Brooklyn Vegan

Old Monk’s new music video for “Seymour” premiered earlier this week on Brooklyn Vegan! Watch the video below:

Local indie rockers Old Monk are busy finishing the follow-up to 2012′s Birds of Belize, a record that should be out in early 2014. Meanwhile, the band have a stopgap single out now on Eenie Meenie, the very catchy “Seymour.” We’ve got the premiere of its video in this post. Using 8-bit graphics it works in references to Pitfall!, plus a slew of classic films (Safety Last, Annie Hall, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly to name three) and was directed/animated by Josh Carrafa who you may know from his Music History Gifs website. You can check it out below.

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Prefix premieres Blue-Eyed Son “We’re Fighting a War” (Andrew Maury RAC remix)

Blue-Eyed Son’s “We’re Fighting a War” remixed by Andrew Maury of RAC has premiered on Prefix today!

Andrew Maury, a member of RAC (Remix Artist Collective) has a skillset that knows no bounds. When it comes to producing, engineering, and remixing, he can take any track and turn it into almost anything he desires. This includes the work he did for Andrew Heilprin aka Blue-Eyed Son from Venice Beach, California.

Blue-Eyed Son usually totes just a guitar and his voice. He has a bare bones approach to writing his surf-influenced acoustic punk. But when Maury got a hold of his track “We’re Fighting A War,” he turned the track into a frolicking pop punk track but full of synths, keys, and electronic beats. The seriousness of the songs becomes much breezier with the rework. Heilprin’s voice is softened and is surrounded by an echoing whirlwind of sounds. The song is so much more upbeat that it’d make your hands and hips start to sway into a joyous dance.

The original version of the track will be featured on his upcoming EP Shadows On The Son. It will be released on Eenie Meenie Records on May 28, 2013. Blue-Eyed Son will be touring behind the album. You can check out the tour dates below as well as the remix of the song by Andrew Maury of RAC.

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Blue-eyed Son “Fish Stare” music video

Watch the new video for “Fish Stare” by Blue-eyed Son. Look out for a new Blue-eyed Son EP coming soon!

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Premiere: Goldenboy “The Walking Song” [Under The Radar]

Despite Shon Sullivan’s time spent with the likes of Elliott Smith, The Eels, Neil Finn, Spain, and The Rentals among others, his main project Goldenboy has been a well-kept secret. Check out the video for “The Walking Song,” a cut from the band’s forthcoming album The New Familiar (out November 20 via Eenie Meenie). It’s a warm, tuneful reminder that Goldenboy is band that commands the spotlight.

Goldenboy “The Walking Song”
directed by Jeff Mizushima

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