Eenie Meenie Updates 2/14

Hi There Music Lovers!

We have officially released the new Goldenboy album, Sleepwalker!

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream the whole album on Goldenboy’s Bandcamp. You will be doused in the melodic, mood-rock heaven that pours like molasses from the glass microphone of Shon Sullivan. It’s a beautiful thing. Pick up your own copy to love and cherish at the eenie meenie store
“Sleepwalker” music video

And, to keep you up-to-date on all the Goldenboy stops on the road, check out their tour videos! And you might just learn a thing or two about remembering Groundhog Day….

And LA fans don’t forget about the album release party at Hotel Cafe on 2/25! The late night indie fun starts at 11:30

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Sleepwalker out TODAY!!! Order now!!

Today’s the day, eenie meenie friends! Goldenboy’s third album, Sleepwalker, a long-awaited and highly-praised melodic masterpiece, is finally released, and we couldn’t be prouder. The album has been described by Examiner as “fairly stripped down, expertly performed, and beautifully written”, and we think all Goldenboy fans, new and old, will feel the same way.

We would like to thank all of the fans who made this album possible, thank you all for supporting indie music! And here’s the first music video from the album, to the song Sleepwalker:

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“Sleepwalker” full album stream on Spinner

Goldenboy’s Sleepwalker drops tomorrow, but you can preview the full album streaming now on Spinner. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, Goldenboy is still out on touring up the west coast. check the dates and catch them when they come through your town.

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Sleepwalker video up…check it out!

Here’s the new music video from Goldenboy’s third album, Sleepwalker!! Hope you enjoy! There’s a cool explanation of where the footage is from below….

Here’s the interview from, where the video was the featured video of the day:

“This is one of those rare occasions where the video came first, inspiring the song,” Goldenboy’s Shon Sullivan tells Spinner. “A couple of years ago I spent a summer at a friend’s house in Faenza, Italy…Being the perpetual super-snooper that I am, I had to go through everything. Off in one corner I found a canvas sack with a bunch of film tins that still had actual 16mm film in them, along with a home movie projector.”

“I brought them back to the house and played them. Most of the films were too oxidized from time, but then there was this one that had these two kids by the seaside, with seagulls, starfish and waves. It immediately took me back to my own childhood of camping on the beach and making friends for a day with people you would never see again.”

“There was no sound with the film but if you put your head really close to the projector, like when you put your ear next to a seashell to hear the ocean, the click, click, click of the turning film reels made a looping sound sequence that I tried to duplicate on the keyboard, along with musical swells for ocean waves.”

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Sleepwalker preorders come with free copy of Underneath The Radio

Preorder Sleepwalker now and get a free copy of Goldenboy’s second album Underneath The Radio. CDs will be shipped on February 8. Click here to order

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Wallpaper. This Holiday (Don’t Stress Out)

Wallpaper. checks in to wish everyone a happy holiday with “This Holiday (Don’t Stress Out)”, a cover (sorta) of the original by Lee Bob Watson (World cR*t).

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Wallpaper. “#STUPiDFACEDD” free mp3 release

Hey you, you’re invited to Wallpaper.’s “#STUPiDFACEDD” party!

Wallpaper. is releasing a new track called “#STUPiDFACEDED” on December 9th. Guaranteed to make you drink something that’s bout to be illegal and do somethin that already is. The artwork, song, and eventually music video (!) will all be posted on the #STUPiDFACEDD release page. Invite your friends n junk cus its about to get weird.

Also, stay #STUPiDFACEDD in real time with Wallpaper. on the twitter

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Wallpaper. & Gordon Voidwell invite you to Homecoming

SAT 11/27: 9pm doors / $10 adv / $12 dos
The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

Plus special guests including Iron Solomon DJs Dash Speaks, and NSR

buy tickets

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on da road w/ Wallpaper. #5

Follow Wallpaper. around as they cram in shows from Portland to Massachusetts to Los Angeles in just 3 days. If you like donuts, red bull, push ups, hot pockets, airports, sleep deprivation, or sugar packets, then you just might dig this video.

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on da road w/ Wallpaper.

How many Halloween’s did we have this year? I don’t remember, it was all a blur to me too.. I’m guessing by the assortment of costumes used in this video there were at least 2 Halloweens, but maybe 3.. Anyways, this is how Wallpaper. did Halloween n junk this year in some legit looking Burt and Ernie costumes and then some..

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