Space Needle, yesterday’s stylized forecast of tomorrow
More than a decade ago, Space Needle released the critically lauded “Voyager.” An experiment in music making that resembled oodles and noodles of psych-fuzz ricocheting and rolling about on a gym floor chock-full of primitive tape loops, “Voyager” was one of those records that people-in-the-know touted as “way ahead of its time.”

Two years after the release of “Voyager,” Space Needlers Jud Ehrbar and Jeff Gatland were joined by Varnaline front, rear and side-man, Anders Parker. Parker brought the band strong name recognition, formidable ax-wielding expertise, a keen knowledge of carpentry and astro-physics, and a third set of test tubes and Bunsen burners for the band’s musical journey. “The Moray Eels Eat the Space Needle” was released in 1997, and again, fans and critics praised the band’s uncanny ability to see into the future—to tell musical fortunes.

And, like all things, that was that.

Until now. Time is just now beginning to match pace with Space Needle’s past creations. If you haven’t heard them yet, stay tuned—you will.

Hockey Night
What does Hockey Night have going for it? Musical comparisons to such market-tested standard bearers as Bruce Springsteen, Thin Lizzy and Journey. Residence in the beautiful and sometimes cold Northern town of Minneapolis. Successful panning, mining and creative reinterpretation of 90s independent rock. So successful that the word derivative usually gets its lousy head beat by such commendable words as inventive and inspired.

Hockey Night will also have its forthcoming “Keep Guessin’” released on vinyl by Eenie Meenie. The more we know, the more we’ll tell you.

Dimension Mix provides a fitting soundtrack to the fifth dimension
If, as science fiction will have us believe, the fifth dimension is indeed the dimension of radio waves, Dimension Mix is undoubtedly the zany broadcast that said waves are sending out. Eenie Meenie’s Dimension Mix compilation features today’s most groundbreaking artists performing covers of the exploratory and pioneering electro/children’s records of the 1960s originally recorded by Bruce Haack, Esther Nelson and the Dimension 5 label.

Whereas we here in the third dimension conduct our business to such background sounds as barking dogs, buses coughing and moaning, and cell phones, oh so many cell phones ringing, the fifth dimension floats along nicely to the rhythm and sound of today’auteurs taking their stab at the sounds of yesteryear’s most prophetic musical inventeers. The Dimension Mix will be on compact discs, iTunes and radio waves, come August 23, 2005. 


Troubled Hubble
How do you not want to go see a band that calls its van the Jules Verne? Despite a thrown belt in New Jersey, the JV is back in action and slinging the band westward as we speak. Do take the time to see Troubled Hubble live. West coast dates are with Maximo Park and there’s a good chance you’ll never have another such intimate engagement with either band again. Mid-sized clubs and the Jules Verne today. Arenas and private jets tomorrow.

Show details.

Seksu Roba and PINE*am
There will be more Seksu Roba in July, more PINE*am in August. Check out our shows page so that you can begin planning your Summer vacation accordingly.

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