Troubled Hubble ambushes crowd after unsuspecting crowd

There are only a few weeks left of Troubled Hubble’s rampage across the country. Putting the ‘scorched’ back into scorched-earth policy, these fellas are a musical tornado, earthquake, and volcanic eruption all in one, having left trails of destruction on stages across the nation. Upcoming West coast dates with Maximo Park are not to be missed. Check out the remaining show dates. Now, before it’s too late.

PINE*anime this August
We told you they’d return. We failed to mention that they could be found at anime conventions. In addition to a nice itinerary of club shows this August, PINE*am will be performing live at Otakonin Baltimore and Pacific Media Expo in Long Beach, CA. A friend of anime is a friend of PINE*am. Bring a sharpie and get ready to stand in the long but worthwhile autograph line. PS: PINE*am has a DVD trailer featured in this issue’s Newtype USA.

Looks like Blue-Eyed Son will be crashing at PINE*am’s pad
About the same time PINE*am is charming the socks off U.S. audiences, Drew will have Japanese audiences swooning to his California tunes. Drew will be on tour to support his Japanese release of “West of Lincoln.” The highlight of the tour will be Summersonic in Tokyo and Osaka, where Drew will play with the likes of Oasis, Kasabian, Bloc Party, The Arcade Fire, The Roots, M.I.A., and Nine Inch Nails, on the fittingly named “Beach Stage.” 

You bring the fireworks this weekend; Seksu Roba will bring the soundtrack
Seksu Roba will be performing at Club Loaded / The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco tonight and Nuemo’s in Seattle tomorrow. Wherever these two turn up, a dance party is sure to follow. Usher in the nation’s 229th birthday with your groove on. 

July is the month for Eenie Meenie to kick down some newfangled music technology
First we put a flat disc of wax-like material on a lathe-like machine. Recorded music is then etched with a recording stylus onto the wax. Next, an exact opposite of this etched wax (similar to a negative of a photograph) is burned onto acetate (the “acetate” is more accurately a lacquer covered with a layer of cellulose nitrate). Against this more durable acetate, vinyl copies nearly identical to the original wax imprint are pressed. These “records” are then packed into neat sleeves with slick artwork and sent off to stores. Some records will have Hockey Night recordings on them. Some will be bright, luscious, hot red numbers with Troubled Hubble recordings on them. And some 7” diameter ones will have the Bedroom Walls on them. 

That’s right. Vinyl collectors have a new reason to celebrate—Eenie Meenie’s whole new crop of vinyl includes the collectable red Troubled Hubble “Making Beds In A Burning House” LP, as well as the forthcoming Hockey Night “Keep Guessin’” LP and the Bedroom Walls “Do the buildings and cops make you smile?” 7” single. 

Heavy hitters on deck for the months to come…

Dimension Mix – August 23:
You’ve heard us harpin’ on and on about the Dimension Mix. A bunch of Dimension 5 Records covers by a bunch of bands that everyone considers their favorites. Seriously, the line-up on this disc is out of this world. And for every disc you buy, a portion of the proceeds goes towards finding a cure for Autism. What more can you ask for? The Dimension Mix will be out August 23. 

Oranger – September 20:
Oranger is slated to release “New Comes and Goes,” a sure-to-be critically acclaimed follow up to the 2003 release, “Shutdown the Sun.” On the new record, Oranger exchanges its characteristic soft rock sound—a la Air Supply and the Neville Brothers—for some good, clean, frolicking fun. Standout tracks include ‘Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs’ and ‘Crones,’ not that it means anything to you since you can’t get the record yet…but you’ll be able to soon.

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