Good Music for a Good Cause – Dimension Mix is proof that the good guy always wins in the end

After one week on store shelves, Dimension Mix is taking the ears and hearts of Americans by storm. Dimension Mix is currently sitting at #48 on the CMJ Top 200, a nice courtside #21 on the Media Guide/CMJ Indie Top 100, and on the ever impenetrable commercial charts, a remarkable #30.

With such nice returns after only one week on the open market, you would expect us to be satisfied, right? Wrong. Not while there’s still a good fight to be fought. All proceeds from Dimension Mix sales go to Autism related charities (such as Cure Autism Now), and that’s why we’re determined to blabber on and on about the record ‘til our hands, feet, eyes, ears, noses and throats go numb. Wanna help? Call and request your favorite Dimension Mix track from your local radio station. A list of request line phone numbers is right here.

If someone you know hasn’t gotten their hands on a Dimension Mix CD yet, but is in need of a little love, send ‘em the Dimension Mix e-card. It makes a heck of digital bandage, replete with photos, music teasers and a 30 second interview with Producer Ross Harris. 

If that someone needs more than a little love, go ahead and give them the Dimension Mix CD. You can find it at your local indie retailer, Tower Records, Borders, Best Buy and our online store. 

Look over there, it’s an Eenie Meenie band. And another one. And another.
So many Eenie Meenie artists are on the road this time of year, it’s impossible to tell you which ones to look out for. For a complete list of tour dates, check out our shows page. Or browse our quick guide, to help you match your tastes with the correct touring band:

Do you live on the West coast? Are you a sucker for saccharin melodies, Go-bots, go-go girls, and dance parties?

Catch PINE*am this week before they return to Japan. 

Would you still be able to stand up after an evening of swilling beer with a pack of Hell’s Angels? Is your record collection a cross-section of everything from Steppenwolf to the Cars to Pinback?

Oranger will be in a town near you, along with the Posies and Deathray Davies (on select dates).

Do you live in California? Do you, like most Californians, believe that summer is a year-long affair that only just begins to hit its stride around Labor Day?

Blue-Eyed Son is taking his road show to all his favorite California haunts.

If you had to draw a chart describing a rock show, shouldn’t aspects like fun and chaos register proportionately with one another? Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be better if fun and chaos registered somewhere completely off the chart?

Troubled Hubble will be blowing through town for another round of rock, shenanigans and ballyhoo. 

What if everything you felt about mid 90s indie rock, everything you ever heard about classic rock, and everything you ever hoped for in the future of rock disappeared in a ball of smoke? Where would you turn for guidance then?

Hockey Night will remind you why you turn the radio on in the first place, throughout September.

Internet kill the video star
Finally Ladies and Gentleman, you can view brand-spanking new music videos from PINE*am, Oranger, and Troubled Hubble on our downloads page. Let Eenie Meenie provide you with a little bit of virus-free computer fun. One can never be too careful these days.

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