Old Habits Are Hard To Break: Old Blue-Eyed Is Back

Tonight, keep an azure eye peeled for Blue-Eyed Son. Drew’ll be rolling in to Abbot’s Habit in Venice on a steel string with a six horse on his back. Or something like that. He’ll be back there again on November 18th, and in between you can catch him at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on the 10th. That’s good food, drink and music for those of you who can count. If you warm Drew up real nice-like with some sweet-as-puddin’ applause, he just might drop an El Debarge or Cameo bomb on you. Or if you’re extra, extra nice, he’ll run through all of West of Lincoln, head to toe…Japanese import version with bonus tracks and all.

International Ambassadors in the Sport of Hockey
Hockey Night runs a few warm-ups today and tonight in the Twin Cities and then it’s off to Europe for a stint with Clap your Hands Say Yeah and Supersystem. You can bet the band will be moving units and units of Keep Guessin vinyl, along with units and units of that liquid stuff found across Europe that just makes you feel so darn funny. Check out the complete tour dates.

If airline prices are keeping you down and away from Europe, catch a couple of Hockey Night videos until the fellas return. There’s even a video shot somewhere south of the equator, where the Earth’s reverse polarity causes all records to spin counter-clockwise. Weird.

Where Can You Find More Oranger? Where Can’t You?
Many score past your fiftieth spin of Oranger’s New Comes and Goes, you’re probably starting to think to yourself, ‘How could I possibly wrap my ears around some new Oranger tracks?’ In the true spirit of selflessness that we here at Eenie Meenie often exhibit around the holidays, we’re going to tell you:

-The Dimension Mix features interstellar covers of Bruce Haack’s Dimension Five recordings, including Oranger’s ‘Catfish.’
-The Stubbs the Zombie Soundtrackis great listening for the World Heavyweight Xboxing Champ of the undead in all of us. It also includes ‘Mr. Sandman,’ a little goodnight kiss of Oranger love.
-AND Oranger’s original score to Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera is receiving a final round of rivets to secure the wings before shipping off to Jackpine Social Club for a 2006 release. 

Irving Sightings Become More Frequent
We’re making no official announcements yet, but the lads from Irving have been seen in these parts more than once as of late. Strangely enough, they’ve been spotted hefting large bundles of sticks and what appears to be album artwork on their backs. And when all is quiet around here, it’s even possible to make out what sounds like new Irving tracks bumpin’ from their mini truxx. Or maybe that’s Jodeci.

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