Oughtta Be in Television


Hi! First of all, has anyone caught Irving‘s title track from Death in the Garden on that new Totinos Pizza Rolls commercial? We were tickled pink when we saw it – check it out here. In other Irving news, (and we like our Irving news), the boys are now playing with The Rentals at The House of Blues in Anaheim, August 15th! The Rentals and Irving, Irving and The Rentals – do you think we should separate them? Maybe it’s unhealthy. …Nah.

In the meantime, if you are at The Echo this Friday (the 4th), you will certainly find us there, rocking out to Oranger on the L.A. stop in their mini-tour. Won’t you please join us? They will be in awesome company with The Gris Gris, Parson Redheads, and Upsidedownband. If you find yourself up in the central part of our great state instead, you can catch them on Thursday in Fresno or Saturday in Visalia.

Rounding out our line-up, Seiko and Salome head across the bridge to the Stork Club in Oakland on August 6th and Blue-Eyed Son returns to Abbott’s Habit on the 11th. See? We’re keeping busy! We’ll keep it up, we promise.

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