Making Out

Well, hi there. Have you heard about Irving‘s racy new video for “I Want To Love You In My Room”? Directed by the band’s own Brian Canning, it’s quite the lovefest and shouldn’t be missed. Check it out on their myspace or post a comment on YouTube if you’d like!

In other news, Goldenboy‘s new official site is now up and running! Hooray! Click on the link above and have a ball exploring all the sections. Space Needle also has a nifty sticker up for sale now on our webstore and their myspace.

And if you haven’t discovered yet, where the heck have you been? (Well, okay, ours was inactive for longer than we’d like to mention… But at least we were on there!) Sign up and listen to some good stuff as we shuffle through the old office iTunes. Don’t forget to add us as a friend. See you later!

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