Stupid Jackass!

Stupid Jackass!

So by now you may have heard about the Hollywood & Highland show being something of a bust: the sudden explosion of a power transformer on Hollywood caused the entire complex to actually lose electricity right smack in the middle of opening band The Oohlas’ set. Rumor is, the new Jackass movie premiere at the Chinese Theatre may have sucked the power dry. (So at least it went to something culturally significant and enlightening, eh?) The good news is that the bands maintained surprisingly good spirits and made an attempt to hang around and chat with the good-sized turnout, before everyone was politely chased away by the security guards. Our apologies to all the Irving fans who came out! Hopefully the band can catch another one of these after their tour. (We’ll bring the generator.)

Here’s a reenactment of sorts:

Soundchecking. Everything looks good…

Warming up backstage

Hanging with Annalee of Monsters Are Waiting - 
Where’s the damn corkscrew?

The things they give you backstage… (“Goat du Wine”)

Oh wait, is it dark in here?

…And the power is gone. “You think I can still 
validate my parking ticket?”

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