Dandelions, Monsters, & Nissans (Oh My)

Dandelions, Monsters, & Nissans (Oh My)

How are ya? Goldenboy‘s Underneath the Radio is taking stores and radio adds by storm, so if you haven’t gotten your copy yet…well then, just shame on you. If you’re local, make sure you get over to The Hotel Cafe on Saturday Nov. 4th to catch them with Philistine!, Lissie, The Throws, and The Little Heroes. If not, you can still hear them perform live at 10:30 next Wednesday (Oct. 25th) on KSPC’s Underground!

Irving is suiting up to hit the road for their KCRW.com tour, keeping good company with the likes of Monsters are Waiting, Birdmonster, +/-, Be Your Own Pet, La Rocca, and Headlights. They’ve got some new t-shirts in the works, so make sure you check them out at the shows! Irving has also been finishing up a brand new, full production video for “Jen, Nothing Matters To Me” so we will keep you posted on its progress.

In the meantime, Oranger just scored a deal with Nissan Sentra to use their music for their “7 Days in a Sentra” ad. Check it out here and see how the lovable (maybe?) Marc Horowitz proposes to survive in his car for a week, to the tune of “Sukiyaki”. If we were stuck in our car for a week, we’d certainly bring along some Oranger to rock out to as well. 

Space Needle are burgeoning TV stars too, apparently, as “Never Lonely Alone” was heard at the end of Veronica Mars this week. See ya later!

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