Eenie Meenie Celebrates Our 10 Year Anniversary

2009 has been such a good year that we nearly forgot it was our birthday. In 1999, Eenie Meenie put out it’s first release – a 7″ by From Bubblegum To Sky. Here we are 10 years later, still putting out great music, and still putting out most of it on vinyl. To celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, we’re offering this limited edition tee designed by Lunna Menoh. It comes with a link to download this Eenie Meenie compilation full of unreleased and rare tracks. Only 200 are available. Pick it up over at our store for only $10.

1. Great Northern – “Orl”
2. Wallpaper. – “Txt Me Yr Love (Arjun Remix)”
3. Irving – “Fall Asleep”
4. Oranger – “Brother Brother”
5. Division Day – “Chorisia”
6. Scissors For Lefty – “Christmas Intentions”
7. Goldenboy – “She Belongs To Me”
8. From Bubblegum To Sky – “With You”
9. Blue-eyed Son – “Sunburn”
10. PINE*am – “Mind Candy”
11. Seksu Roba – “Bad Girls Go To Hell”
12. DJ Me DJ You – “Je Stim Pack”

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