Track of the Day: Donwill & Wallpaper.'s "Love Junkie"

If you’re waiting for the right season to crush out on someone, pop culture likes to lead young hearts into spring with songs fit for falling in love. Brooklyn’s Donwill and SF’s Wallpaper. and the Park got down for the remix of “Love Junkie.” The lyrics are kinda funny–about being addicted to someone you haven’t met–but hey, I guess in the Internet age anything can happen.

You can hear the original track on Donwill’s MySpace. Personally, I prefer the new remix, though, which has a high pop energy that puts you back in that junior high crush junkie frame of mind. (Plus, the new version, recorded locally at Different Fur Studios, has more of a King of Pop sound–which isn’t surprising, given Wallpaper.’s obsession with all things Michael Jackson.)

In other Wallpaper. news, the duo is taking its multi-media extravaganza to a bigger stage the next time they play in SF. Look for a show on Friday, May 7, at the Independent. If you want to see the group’s songwriting mastermind a little sooner, Eric Frederic will be performing with the Park, OG Bay Area funk and soul man Darondo, and lots of other guests at the Park’s live mixtape series at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley this Friday, April 3.

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