Wallpaper. @ The Independent May 7

with/ OONA, DJ Morale
The Independent
Fri, May 7, 2010
Doors: 8:30 PM / Show: 9:00 PM

Boxed in by layers of percussive funk, dark synthesizer blurt and crushing bass, Eric Frederic lost himself inside of Ricky Reed, the character he’d long ago conceived as Wallpaper.’s frontman. He gave in to Ricky’s rampant narcissism, love for party and supreme indifference, and as a result, discovered the guiding duality behind Doodoo Face, the album: There’s sadness inside all that celebration. A little madness too.

But one needn’t know any of this to “get” Wallpaper. Just as it thrives under scrutiny, Doodoo Face bangs at face value, and the record’s title is a reference to that: a contorted expression inspired by discovering something unbelievably funky. From the cavernous thump and honking sax of opener “Indecent” to the warped hyphy of “ddd” to “Doodoo Face” itself, this is dark, nasty, load-bearing booty funk of the Oakland house party variety. It’s the part of Wallpaper. that Frederic and his flashier alter ego almost see eye-to-eye on. Is it satire? Sincerity? Something in between? Doodoo Face invites you to decide. – theindependentsf.com

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