Donwill "Love Junkie" (Wallpaper LIVE Remix)

Imagine you’re chatting up a head-to-toe hottie at a show. She’s a bit bored but not enough to flee the scene, so you stay the course. You talk about your dreams, she’s interested, she admires your passion, she buys you a drink, she says “cool” when you ask for her number. Feeling yourself you decide to ditch the playbook and invite her over for a dip in the pool (you’ll have to imagine actually having a pool too). The next day, she’s at your door with a bikini that won’t quit, a case of beer, food to bbq, and a posse of equally foxy friends who came to play water volleyball!

Put yourself in that place. Are you there?

What you’re feeling is 10,000 times better than watching this video, but the scenarios are similar: a great song gets better with a brand new outfit and a little help from some friends. –

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