The Examiner: live review Goldenboy @ Hotel Cafe

Depite the rain and freezing air, Goldenboy pulled off an amazing set on Friday’s record release show show. The Examiner reviews:

…The group hit stride by their 3rd song, ‘Summer’ which is a quintessential, feel-good, melodic pop song that is a timeless hit. ‘Holiday” followed with a Nilsson-esque 1960’s shag keyboard groove that makes you want to have a martini and shake it up. ‘Moon’ off the new EP combined a bolero sound with a 1950’s stroll beat which ironically enough, blended very well and created a fresh, exciting song that was very pop, with a climatic ending.

The last three songs, ‘Almost’, ‘Ice’, and ‘Body’ were all blended together like one big jam band set which worked incredibly well. That’s what makes this band a hidden jem, they utilize their talent and abilities to blend different styles of music successfully which creates a new fresh sound with familiar aspects in each song. Music that you wouldn’t dream of blending together, well, these cats not only pull it off, but they do it with a style and panache. Their music sounds intricate and bold, yet comfortable and fresh all at the same time. Ending with a killer guitar jam, Goldenboy elevates Indie Pop music into a art form. Their live set will blow you away…

Read Michele McManmon’s full review at The Examiner

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