Carrafa x Drjuchin Hand-Painted Effects Pedals

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-15 copy

Josh Carrafa from Old Monk recently collaborated with artist Dimitri Drjuchin on some effects pedals├é┬áthat both sound and look amazing. Carrafa built the pedals, each of them with a different effect, and Drjuchin lent his signature illustration style to the casings. The names probably give you an idea of the divine tones you can get from these stompboxes. Try the “Fuzz from Heaven” for instance, or the “Voice of God Octave.” These one-of-a-kind hand-painted pedals, along with other work by Drjuchin are on display until May 4th at The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn.

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-12 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-13 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-11 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-6 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-8 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-9 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-7 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-10 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-5 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-4 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-3 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-1 copy

carrafa-x-djruchin-pedal-14 copy

“Voice of God” octave pedal demo:

Old Monk “Seymour” music video animated by Josh Carrafa:

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