Music Times: Afternoons Reveal Music Video For ‘Say Yes’…


Earlier today, Music Times exclusively premiered the title track for Afternoons upcoming album, Say Yes. Now the band has shared with us the video for the song.

The visual opens with an introduction to a man named Alfonso Alejo Lopez. Lopez is an immigrant who came to the United States to provide for his five children. He hasn’t seen them in seven years, and his wife passed away three years after he got to America. When asked what happiness is for him, he says, “nothing.”

Directed by O’Shea Read, the video chronicles Lopez’ day-to-day life and memories of his family.

“Brian [Canning] and I discussed doing a series of short documentaries about real people in Los Angeles that are working every day but go completely unnoticed,” Read said in a statement to Music Times. “The Afternoons are a very L.A. band, and I wanted to capture the spirit of the real people of Los Angeles and tell their stories. As The Afternoons tell stories with their music. Alfonso’s is one of those many stories. I met him selling roses in my neighborhood (Melrose) and we became friends. I always wanted to tell Alfonso’s story, and it took me years to gain his trust.”

(Music Times)

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