FMQB: Afternoons (Buzz Band Feature)



There’s a bit of a convoluted back story to Afternoons involving a Silverlake, CA band called Irving, which split to form Sea Wolf and Afternoons, who then became Shadow Shadow Shade. The former you’ve probably heard of and the latter, not so much. Well, Shadow Shadow Shade doesn’t exist anymore, but its members reformed again as Afternoons which brings us to now and the new albumSay Yes, which was actually made and never released way back when the band originally began. I feel like I may have oversimplified some of the details here, but it’s still coming off as confusing so let’s leave it at that.

Along with a complicated backstory, Afternoons has a complicated sound. With six members, there’s a lot of instrumentation, both analog and digital, and at times a chorus of vocals. Title track “Say Yes,” which has been kicking around and even got some radio airplay back in 2008, is a great place to begin, along with single “Gloria,” but there’s a lot more to enjoy here. I immediately found myself bopping along to first track “Graffiti Artist” (which could be an ode to notable album art designer Shepard Fairey) and other standouts like the horn-tastic “Bored Teenagers” and “Love Is A Western World.” Say Yes maintains a peppiness the entire way through that I really appreciate at this time of year, when the view out my window has been getting progressively gloomier.

-Josh Landow (FMQB)

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