Blue-Eyed Son releases new single and video “Further Ya Go” feat. Chan Mika


Blue-Eyed Son releases his new single “Further Ya Go” as well as a video featuring the talents of Japanese vocalist CHAN-MIKA, producer Ryoji Saito, Gnkosai on drums, Adachi “PANIC” Soichiro on guitar and Masashi Umeda on bass.


Created jointly by American singer/songwriter Andrew Heilprin, a.k.a Blue-eyed Son, and his special guests from Japan, “Further Ya Go” started out as a travel song with a message that no matter where you drift on the waves of time, your friends, family, and memories will always go with you.  Andrew tinkered around with the song for a couple years but didn’t finish writing it until one night at a venue called BB Street in Yokohama, Japan. At the end of the night, Andrew asked the other artists to jam an encore with him and when he began playing the “Further Ya Go” chord progression, these magically talented Japanese friends rocked out the best live jam version of the song he had ever heard.    

Upon returning home to Venice, CA, Andrew began trading files with his new friends and bringing the song to life. Recording remotely with artists all over the world isn’t anything new, but after hearing the initial mix and reflecting on the process, Andrew remarked that indeed as the song says, “the further ya go, the closer ya get.”

Listen: iTunes / Bandcamp / Spotify

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