Blue-Eyed Son new single Don’t Love the World Too Much

Blue-Eyed Son was sitting in his boxers at 11:32 am on July 31st recording vocals for “Don’t Love The World Too Much”. 12 hours later he was still in his boxers and scrambling to finish the artwork before his deadline of midnight. He was in his boxers because at his current location, it was 98 degrees in the shade and that’s all he could wear without melting like butter. He had to peel himself off the chair when he finally finished. He thought, “It ain’t perfect…far from it…but then again, what is?”  But Blue-Eyed Son had done it. He had completed and published the 11th song of his 12 tracks in 12 months challenge. We hope he’s is drinking a cold beer now and relaxing. And we hope you enjoy his track.

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