When Afternoons burst onto the L.A. scene in 2008, you’d have thought there wasn’t an arena big enough to hold them. An early song, “Say Yes,” hit the radio, and Shepard Fairey designed a poster for it. The seven-piece collective went to work on more music, occasionally gathering to play exhilarating live shows and stoke the fires of anticipation for a proper release.” – Kevin Bronson / LA Weekly

…Then came big name management and publishing, along with the requisite creative meddling and an unnecessary, unheralded name change. And just like that, much of the original mystique and momentum was lost.

Afternoons now returns a six piece, with the songs and shows they had envisioned all along. Sonically expansive yet lyrically concise. Starry-eyed at times, sardonic at others, and ever and always a mass spectacle.

Afternoons’ debut album Say Yes is out now on Eenie Meenie. Listen / Buy

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