Great Northern


On “Remind Me Where The Light Is”, Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte are not afraid to delve into darkness. “We took a lot more risks by entering uncomfortable territory that wasn’t touched on the last record,” Bixler says. “We dug deeper into the unpleasant, which helped us to find the beauty.” Wishing to expand their sound, Bixler and Stolte began working with producer Michael Patterson (Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck, Puff Daddy, She Wants Revenge, amongst others) and Nic Jodoin. The results being upbeat, guitar-driven songs, yet with the familiar layered vocals and sweeping, panoramic sound. Great Northern take bigger chances on this album “We are content to be learning as we go,” Stolte says, “trying to overcome the fear of changing ourselves, constantly redefining ourselves as artists, and never creating the same thing twice. We hope the people who hear our music will relate to this next chapter of our lives.”




“Ever have a record that everyone at the station loves? A band that is amazing live? A record that gets calls when you play the song, not the avalanche of calls normally reserved for novelty, but a healthy amount of curiosity? A record that boring, old school programming philosophy will give you a thousand reasons not to play, but for some reason everyone you know likes it? The most fun thing we allow ourselves to do is play these records. That is why we added Great Northern.” – Andrew Harms
Assistant Program Director, KNDD, 1077 The End

“If the Cranberries and the Smiths got together and had a love child, it would be Great Northern” –